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Checklist for Intermediate: Grades 5-8
Preparation Resources Organization Navigation Appearance Media Use
I planned my time wisely to assure access to needed materials.

I made an outline to organize my thoughts.

I made a storyboard to organize my ideas.

I prepared a clear research question or topic.

I brainstormed details that would help support my ideas.

I used feedback from others to refine my research question.

I used Internet sites in gathering my information.

I used newspapers, magazines, or other printed periodicals.

I used reference books.

I used non-reference books.

I used documentaries or news interviews.

I used portions of films or television shows.

I cited my resources.

I used material in accordance with copyright.

I used my resources appropriately.

I consulted resources that showed different perspectives.

I prepared a clear answer to my research question or topic.

I organized my ideas in a meaningful way.

I supported my ideas with details and explanations.

I included a meaningful title card.

I balanced design aspects with content.

I included an introduction and/or contents.

I included a satisfying conclusion.

I used time wisely.

Users can find their way easily through my project.

Users can backtrack if they need to.

The navigation tools (buttons, bars, links) are conspicuous.

The navigation tools lead to logical destinations.

The navigation tools are labeled when necessary.

The words and visuals on my slides are easy to see.

There is not too much or too little time between slides.

The colors and patterns on my slide looked good together.

Titles and headings are easy to distinguish from other text.

Sounds and music are easy to hear.

There is enough time to read and see everything on each slide.

I spelled everything correctly.

I used video clips in my project.

I used portions of films or television shows.

I used still photographs.

I used voice-overs.

I used artwork, animations, music, or sound effects.

I used my own artwork and effects, and cited others as necessary.

I cited media in the correct format.

I used media in accordance with copyright.

I used media appropriately.

My media enhances and supports my research.

My media does not distract the user.

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