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PBL Checklists: FAQs
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How do I make a checklist for my students?

First, choose the type of project. Currently, we offer checklists for written reports, science projects, multimedia projects, and oral presentations. We also offer all these same checklists in Spanish, should your students require this.

For example, I'll choose writing, K-1, because my kindergartners are going to write some sentences about the class pet to put in a classroom journal. I'll click on K-1 under writing. That takes me to a page like this:

reduced image of the PBL checklist-maker page, shows title, directions (blurred), pulldown menu area, and text box area

On this page, you see the title of the checklist you have chosen, the directions, and numerous white textboxes surrounded in blue. There is one small textbox for the teacher's name. There are also numerous large textboxes (only one is shown here), one for each category in the checklist.

To create a printable checklist, the second step is to fill these textboxes with the criteria for which your students are responsible. Always start with the first text box. Do not start at a box in the middle of the page. To fill in the first textbox, click on the pulldown menu and choose the category you wish to use. I'll choose Capitalization.

screen shot of the pulldown menu - Capitalization is highlighted and checked and the pointer is over this word

When you have chosen a category, click open and a Selection Menu with suggested criteria will appear in a new window. The Selection Menu looks like this.

image of selection menu with some options checked


In the Selection Menu, check the items in the order you want them to appear in the checklist. Once you're done with these, click the Add list button.

If you don't click the Add list button, the category items will not be added.

At this time, all of the checked criteria will appear in the textbox in the original window. To add your own criteria, simply click inside the textbox and type them in. You don't need to skip lines.

You can also edit the criteria to meet your own needs. View the image below. You can highlight text and replace it with your own edits (see the red arrow).

edit criteria image

Once you have added and edited all the criteria in the first category, go to the next category by choosing it from the pulldown menu in the next blue section. You can see this in the image below.

screen shot showing that the first category is filled with criteria and the second category is being chosen from the pulldown menu

Complete categories and criteria in this way until you are finished. When you have added all the criteria your students need, click the Create printable checklist button, which you see below.

"Create printable checklist" button

Once you have clicked this button, your checklist will be made, and you will be given the URL of the checklist. Bookmark this URL before you print, in case you want to use the same checklist again.

How do I deselect or delete a criterion that I've accidentally selected in the Selection Menu?

If the Selection Menu is still open, simply click on the already-checkmarked box and the checkmark will disappear. If you have closed the Selection Menu and the unwanted criterion is in the textbook, highlight the unwanted criterion and click the delete button on your keyboard.

How do I add my own criteria?

Click inside the textbox and type your own criteria. Be sure to press return after each new criteria, but don't skip lines between items in the list.

Do I have to use every category?

No. If you do not use a category, it will not appear on the checklist.

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