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PBL Checklists

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K-1      2-4     5-8     9-12
K-4      5-8     9-12
oral presentation
2-4     5-8     9-12
2-4     5-8     9-12

Completing class projects can be fun for your students, especially if they know exactly what is needed. Creating guidelines can be time-consuming though, so we've made a way for you to do it in no time! To make a project checklist for your students, first choose the grade level for the type of project you want your students to do. You can choose from writing, presentation, multimedia, or science projects. On the next page, choose from our list of project guidelines, and make a checklist with the touch of a button! You can even add your own criteria to personalize your checklist. If you have suggestions, please contact us. For other sites with rubrics, try the Ontario Staff Room for Teachers or RubiStar. Good luck!

Project Based Learning